Company Profile

Through people, process and professionalism, Axcelasia Global Business Services (AGBS) has the inimitable ability to develop a deep understanding of the business needs of clients. Focusing on the critical aspects of your business, we help you enhance your organisation for long-term success.

As your business adviser and your local knowledge partner, we offer a myriad of personalised services that will be expedient as well as cost-effective, especially for international multinationals.

In addition to meeting legal, tax and governance requirements, you need to be supported by reliable, commercial and business advisers, who not only provide accurate accounting information, management and business data, but who can also provide high level guidance and cutting edge advice necessary to make critical business decisions.

We provide reliable accounting and administrative support services for your business. All businesses need high quality accounting, human resources/payroll and administrative support to remain operationally effective and cost efficient in an increasingly competitive market. Further, via our exceptional business process outsourcing and shared services, we can help you find financial solutions, ease the inconvenience of recruitment and secondment of staff, as well as provide back office support service. To round it up holistically, we also provide corporate secretarial and taxation services.

To ensure a seamless integration of professional services required by the company, we also provide corporate secretarial and taxation services through our related companies. Audit services will also be provided by an affiliate audit firm whose quality of work and professional integrity have been checked and vouched by us.

AGBS provides the complete solution to companies. Clients often have varying needs and understanding those needs and customising services according to the requirements of the client is the cornerstone of our success.